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My name is Dalili, feel free to call me by my real name or my screen name, both are accepted.

But feel free to comment and add me if you want to be friends~

I'm quite an open girl, I can accept almost anything, especially when it comes to my ichibans. I'm also very much interested to be introduce to more new things, so you're free to friend me and influence me to anything~ lmao~ ^^

I believe in moral and justice and no cynicism can effect me into believing that.
I can be hyper, but I can be grumpy at times. When I'm in a bad mood, I don't like interacting with others, because we all know wounds heal, heart breaks not!
So let's avoid breaking people's heart and respect each other~ *wink*

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♪ Fanfiction Masterpost ♪

I'm making this for my own reviews, and it's kinda helped a lot whenever I tried to track whatever I need.
I learn from them, anyway... LOL~
My fics will be f-locked after a month unless fics that written for exchange purposes. This is done to make it easier for me to monitor for plagiarism. Please comment with the title of fic you want to read if you want to but unable to assess it so I can turn the fic setting for you. Thank you.
I have more free time for myself lately to monitor all my fics so I'm opening them all to public again. Enjoy reading! :D

List sorted by pair.
Though I usually don't write much on other pairs... :P
And this only links to the fics posted in LJ, I'm not linking any fics I posted outside LJ... ^^
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[FIC] Ambivert

Title: Ambivert
Author: kitsune_hikaru
Category: One Shot
Pairing: YutoYuko (Nakajima Yuto x Araki Yuko)
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Romance
Disclaimer: Even after 10 years, I still dont own anyone. Lame...
Warning: Het, unbetaed too...
Summary: She thought he was like an enigma, bundled in an energizer bunny, charging positive outside but negative inside.
A/N: Because I love the movie Our Meal for Tomorrow. The making of is nice too. And because I wanted to escape my stress from my exam. When can I stop studying in this life? Does this means I'm such a coward to escape from reality? LOL Smh...

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Junno oh Junno

I find it really ironic that when KAT-TUN first started, Ueda might be the first person anyone thought would be leaving. And yet life proved that he was one of the last man standing. I feel so sad that Junno is leaving, especially that I am partly a JunDa shipper. And this just means JunDa would die just along with Akame and KoKame as well... The moments won't escalate and it's really heart breaking. At this point in time, I don't really care whether the interaction would be of a fan service or rather platonic. It's just heart breaking. It's even more heart breaking that Ueda even tried to convince Junno to stay to no avail.

I'm starting to wonder if Junno is leaving because Johnny's notorious rules of marriage and stuff, coz we all know how Johnny is in this. And with all the rumours between Junno and Koine Reina going around. I feel really sad.

I don't know what to make out of this. I will dwell myself in my JunDa pimp post and drown in the world where reality isn't there.
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Originally posted by widzflyaway at MY TOP 10 CNBLUE LIVE PERFORMANCES

So, here are my 10 favorite CNBLUE's live performances. Well, at least the ones that were aired or documented into DVDs ^__^
I had a hard time deciding what would be on the list and also the order from 1 to 10 lol but I think it would be fun to come back here 5-10 years later and see what I liked so much back in this time :))

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My Top 10 Favorite CNBLUE Songs of All Time

I dont know how I can actually start writing again... There's always something happening whenever I wanted to write again, as if life wont allow me to write.

Anyway, I've been high on CNBLUE's songs so much lately. To the point that I think I'm addicted to it. Yes, very! It's getting harder to chose a bias... Like, I always loved Yonghwa. His composing talent is not to be look down upon. He's so damn talented and his vocal control is superb. But Jonghyun too... I have to admit that his voice isnt something average... He has this soothing voice that could touch deep down into your soul and make you feel the heart break... Jonghyun is like a hidden diamond in CNBLUE. He has a lot of potential, but he still has rooms to improve. If he can perfect his vocal control and composing skills, I'm sure he can shine more than he already is now...

Btw, I just suddenly feel like listing my top 10 most favorite CNBLUE songs... Most of them are self composed by CNBLUE themselves. Or maybe all of my choice are? I dont know. Haha... They're amazing!

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Drama Review: Doctor Stranger

So, I finally have a little bit free time and I’ve been spending my weekend leisure to watch a drama last time. ‘Doctor Stranger’ as it called, is a symbolic to how a doctor can be a stranger in the hospital, being Hoon as the stranger at the beginning of a story bcoz he was trained at North Korea. But later Jaejoon said he was the one who is the stranger, bcoz he didn’t acted like a real doctor saving a patient.

It was actually a korean drama recommended by a friend. She said it was a really good drama; a good mix of medicine and politics, and good actors but sorry, I dont know much about Korean entertainment so I have no idea how popular the casts are. But I’d invest my time for a good drama be it Korean, English, Malay, Japan or anything. So I went ahead and watch it. Honestly though, it was very very good at the beginning, but it went downhill at around the last quarter of the series. And because it had such a good beginning, the disappointment of a bad ending doubled, because it was such a waste to an excellent start. It was actually a story about a boy who was a child of a famous Cardiothoracic surgeon in South Korea, and his journey for freedom in their communism political policy. There are four main characters, in which they fought in a surgical competition. Whoever won between Park Hoon and Han Jaejoon could do a surgery for the South Korean president. I’ll give my review to their characters and characterizations which will also explain why I was utterly disappointed.

WARNING: It contain spoilers so read at your own risk. If you plan to watch and wouldn’t like to ruin the suspense, please kindly do not proceed.


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Meme meme for favorite idol~

I found this meme on tumblr and decided to post it... Btw, since I have quite a few favorite idols, I might answer this in a few posts, but for today, since I'm high on SNSD, I'll make Seohyun's first... Ueda, Ryo, Yonghwa and Jonghyun will be coming up next when I have another extra time~ <3

Your Favorite Idol: Seo Joohyun (SNSD)

List Your Top 5 Favorite OTPs of him/her:
1. SeoHan (Seohyun x Luhan)
2. ChangSeo (Changmin x Seohyun)
3. YongSeo (Yonghwa x Seohyun)
4. SeoKyu (Seohyun x Kyuhyun)
5. SeoRis (Seohyun x Kris)

Meme of Seobaby's pairings~ And will answer for Ueda, Ryo, Yonghwa and Jonghyun later too~ <3Collapse )
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[FIC] Cold Glass

Title: Cold Glass
Author: kitsune_hikaru
Category: One-Shot
Pairing: SeoHan
Rating: PG
Genre: Angst
Disclaimer: If they’re mine, I would be too busy doing other things than writing fanfics
Summary: He never tried to touch her. And even when he did, he couldn’t.

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